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What We Do


S.E.E.D. carries out the mission of creating a leading Springfield in four ways: 

Generally, by promulgating sound educational, economic, and philosophical ideas through "The City-State" and "On Principle" podcasts. 

Generally, through messaging and merchandising that engenders a sense of pride in the city. 

Specifically, by networking with and consulting businesses to increase economic efficiency and activity. 

Specifically, by operating in key markets that we believe have an outsized impact on the community. For more information on these specific efforts, please see the rest of our "What We Do" menu.    

Real Estate and Home Services

Much economic research shows that home ownership is key to building personal and generational wealth. Yet in the "City of Homes," more than half of households rent their dwelling.

At S.E.E.D., one of our key objectives is to create responsible and enduring homeowners, who will continue to maintain and renovate Springfield's prominent housing stock.  

We believe that beautiful, well-kept homes endear people to their neighbors and endear visitors to the city. The empowering nature of home ownership, and Springfield's history of significant architecture makes real estate in Springfield a worthwhile investment.   

We are licensed to buy, sell, and lease real estate, and otherwise facilitate real estate transactions, in Massachusetts. No real estate need is too big or too small. If you have any real estate needs, we would love to help you find a solution. Visit our "Work With Us" page and let us know where you need help.

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